Bacteria Testing Clips – 7th Grade

1. After completing the boardwork, watch this movie first.

2. Mr. Jenkins will show you how to do get a sample from a place in the school.

3. Get your netbooks and copy the lab report from the class notes (search for “Life Science” on your docs if you can’t find it). Two at a time, Mr. Jenkins will have you swab something in the school. You get 1 minute to get the sample or you have a demerit. Mr. Jenkins will label the petri dish after you swab it. If you get the lab report set up and are waiting, you can do Google A Day or iCivics.

4. After everyone has got their samples, make a hypothesis about which place you think will be the dirtiest. Mr. Jenkins will then play the second video clip.

Genetics Samples

Fill in your answers on the spreadsheet shared on your docs account (titled Genetics through generations)


1. Select a mom trait from this list:

A. Alleles 1

B. Alleles 2

C. Alleles 3

1. Select a dad trait from this list:

A. Alleles 1

B. Alleles 2

C. Alleles 3



Choose a partner from your child from this list to see what your grandchild will look like.

A. Allele 1


B. Alleles 2

C. Alleles 3